Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I’ve not been a blogger before. I’ve never kept a diary, or Twittered. I think my friends have become bored of Facebook updates, so I shall blog. No-one has to read this and perhaps no-one will. I suppose the nice thing about this is that is doesn’t really matter.

I shall use this blog as a place to write about some of the things that interest me, don’t interest me, annoy me, make me happy. I shall use this place to write about some of the things that happen in Ludlow, or anywhere.

Ludlow is one of the things that interests me. It is a place that I love and sometimes hate and it is nestled quietly in a small corner of south Shropshire. Ludlow is a few miles off the beaten track. It is not near a motorway and not near any big city, but ten thousand or so people live here. If you care to, you can do your own research into the history and geography and what-not of Ludlow. That’s your job, if you feel so inclined.

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